by Kim Ann Lauer

What does Sundown mean to you?  Is it an event that happens every day?  Is it the last light you see before darkness falls?  To the team here at Sundown, it is just the opposite.  Before the sun can come up, it must go down.  It is the sign of a new beginning.  Sundown United is everyone, every day in every moment.  It is a conscience effort in making the world a better place.  Just when you thought you were at the end, a new day begins.

The UP’s of Down, will help you, help us from the very beginning. In the Up’s of Down portion of the website, you’ll  see everything from behind the scenes as we endeavor on a most epic of ideas and amazing works that we believe should go into a small start up.

To the material that goes into our shirts, to the best cut that fits you, to every meeting with our Sundown contributors. And where we volunteer/donate our resources, to our Sundown-Tempo events were we’ll deliver a cache of style, invoking imagination and adventurous glam”ours”.

MISSION: To daily inspire, affirm and promote the goodwill, service and liberties to all those who dare to live a shared and giving life by one T-shirt, one person, one devotional, one community and one nation at a time.

We stand by our mission.  Sundown United produces T-shirts as individual as you.  We use quality; eco-friendly materials that not only make you feel good to wear it, but feel good to support it.

Sundown United is a collective effort of volunteers making the world a better place one blog at a time.  It’s not just a T-shirt.  It’s an attitude.  It’s a spirit.  It’s your life.  Explore design, culture, entertainment, cuisines, body, mind, soul and so much more.  We have something for everyone.  Sundown United challenges you to appreciate the world around you.  There is a thirst to know more and see the world through a different set of eyes.

Keep your eyes open.  Stay tuned to see where you can participate.


Written by The Sundown United

The SUNDOWN UNITED is a multi-faceted project that houses an apparel and accessories brand, and online-magazine(weblogs/articles). All ends of and begins with the Sundown United our trademark, lifestyle, attitude, and personal perspective on Americana art/lifestyle subculture.

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