By Cassandra Sagan Webb

Introductions are always the hardest part of writing. You know what you want to say, but you’re not quite sure of the perfect way to get it all started. So, instead of spending hours and hours conjuring up perfection, I am just going to dive right in.

I am Cassandra Sagan Webb. I am a brand-new mother to precious Vivian (AKA Princess Fat Cheeks), and wife to one Mr. Aaron Webb. I am a displaced Texan who currently finds herself living in Arkansas. I desperately miss my homeland and hope to return as soon as I can. I am a freelance writer and photographer, pseudo-mother to the greatest dog on Earth, and lover of books, coffee, and all things lovely. Oh, and if my hand was replaced by a rubber stamp it would say: “All you need is love.”

If you peruse my Facebook account, you’d notice that I “like” things such as the cold side of the pillow, old cowboy boots, convertibles, and the smell of libraries.

And why should you care? Because once a month I will be writing about one of those true loves: books. I have enjoyed reading since I was a small child. I remember feeling a bit awkward when most kids my age were out riding bikes and climbing trees. You know, exploring the outside world. I was in my room exploring, instead, the imaginary worlds that books allowed me to escape into.

The little nerd in me has never departed. Even now, as a busy adult, I always have a book going. I am a fairly harsh critic and consider a book a true gem when 1.) I feel as though I have lost friends when it ends and 2.) it makes me cry.

Currently, I am reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

It is unlike any other book I have ever read and I am eager to finish it and let you know my thoughts and feelings about the story of one girl’s survival in a wicked and gruesome game she never asked to play. Already, it has impacted me in ways I never thought imaginable!

I am excited about this new venture with Sundown United and feel honored to be a part of such a movement. I look forward to letting you into my little life and the untapped world of books yet-to-be-read.


Written by The Sundown United

The SUNDOWN UNITED is a multi-faceted project that houses an apparel and accessories brand, and online-magazine(weblogs/articles). All ends of and begins with the Sundown United our trademark, lifestyle, attitude, and personal perspective on Americana art/lifestyle subculture.


  1. You are not going to put this trilogy down. I’ve read this book and the next two books and they were GREAT reads. They are books like no other I’ve read. Can’t wait to read what you think!


  2. Well written Cassie! I can relate to how you feel about books! (While my sibling asked for toys and the like for the holidays, I asked for a reading lamp). I look forward to checking out The Hunger Games. Hopefully I can find it on my Kindle.


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