A toast to the RIGHT stuff!

By Terrence D. Jackson

For politics, and foreign policy, 2010 was neither a great year nor an especially terrible one. Deepwater Horizon exploded, causing a fury of backlash against British Petroleum. The Supreme Court changed electoral processes by reversing themselves in the Citizens United ruling. Obama nominates the worst kind of liberal activist, Elena Kagan, to fill Justice John Paul Steven’s spot on the high court. The Tea Party, which influenced government in a way that not even I might have fathomed, held their first convention with great success. The left enjoyed great victory in the passing of “ObamaCare”. And the republicans proved that those Americans whose voices were not being heard indeed would have say, by dominating in the mid-term elections (still, Harry Reid, by somewhat of a miracle, retained his position). Truly, it was as historic of a year as when the president himself began dictating “hope and change” by securing his place as leader of the free world.

And this is precisely why the need has become greater in 2011 for conservatism to be spoken for, and thus, why I have decided to write to you, the American people, who should always have a voice that cares about what you care about: lower taxes, limited government, personal and fiscal responsibility, dedication to our Constitution as our founders intended it to be followed. Many of you doubt the president’s motto of “Yes We Can!”, because we haven’t. We still suffer a deficit in the high trillions of dollars, and unwarranted government programs continue to push this number into the clouds.  Millions still live without means to support their families. Many more wonder if the president’s promise of troop withdrawal will ever move past the pace of a snail. These problems persist in a time when the Left seems to have run out of answers, and this should, and does, trouble you.


But allow me a moment to catch myself, before I launch into the politics of soaring rhetoric. As conservatives, we must realize that the blame does not fall solely at the feet of the liberals and the leftists. Consider who our most “passionate” speakers are: Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Michele Bachmann, and Sarah Palin. When was the last time any of these people took a second to simply think about the views they were espousing?  Over the last couple of years, there has never been a time when I wasn’t disappointed with the state of politics, and more importantly, conservatism as a worldview. The Left and the Right have both become bastions of hatemongering and deceit. Our unfocused discourse tends to fall on topics of gay marriage, abortion, DADT, and some misinterpreted sentences that someone assumes to be racist. To be blunt, it is disgusting, and the citizens understand this. Yet, politicians tend to not be aligned with the will of the people, but rather, the will of their paychecks.

My name is Terrence Jackson, and to be clear, I think the state of American politics is bullshit. As a gay man, I struggle with the prospect of never being legally allowed to marry my partner or adopt a child. As a black man, I feel alone in my view that racism is nothing like it used to be, and find myself angered when left-leaning activists play the race card whenever they don’t get their way. As an atheist, I routinely speak out against religion playing a role in our politics, and believe that our elected officials should be barred from speaking, as a president or as a secretary of state, at government-funded religious events. And as a conservative, I value the Constitution above and beyond all else. Free speech was never, has never, and never will be, a privilege. It is our right as Americans. Frankly, politics must change, or die. I support either.

My writings will never simply be anti-left/ pro-right screeds. I hope to present a fair conservative view, one that will allow my discourse with the Left to be one that inspires a change for America, not simply a more balanced political prospective.  I want to speak to you, for you, because those of us who spend our time advocating for goodness and prosperity know that our work has been an ultimate waste of time if we haven’t made the change for the people. So if you wish, come sit and think with me for awhile.

With love to the American people,

Terrence Jackson


Written by The Sundown United

The SUNDOWN UNITED is a multi-faceted project that houses an apparel and accessories brand, and online-magazine(weblogs/articles). All ends of and begins with the Sundown United our trademark, lifestyle, attitude, and personal perspective on Americana art/lifestyle subculture.

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