By Omar D Chavez

A popular argument I hear often is the debate over who is most responsible for our economic problems. In a related story, a common theme I hear in the news when discussing the economy and unemployment is “helping the middle class get back on their feet.” So, we’re left with the battle between the upper class and the lower class.  The rich vs. The poor.

There is a division within the poor.  There are those who are randomly but honestly unfortunate in their circumstances. A common example is one that involves some sort of disability and/or a lack of family to help one function on one’s own. Many elderly would fall into this category. Then there are those who are able but lazy. They have more children to attain more welfare. They take advantage of the social programs that were put into place by the good people as an agreement that when our old and our disabled absolutely cannot manage by themselves anymore, we will fit the bill because we are good people. We would be fools if we did not expect there to be cheaters out there who slip through the cracks; but now the welfare system has been infested with too many young and ambition-less vultures. Who have made the good people bitter. The needy vs. The lazy.

There is a division within the rich. A common origin of a wealthy individual involves someone who has gathered the information and resources needed to provide a service or product that is good enough to turn and sustain a profit, making one a very successful and wealthy person. The division now spawns from the acknowledgment of the X factor. X is the source of money that becomes the profit. X=The Consumer. X=The People. People whom without, the success could not have existed. The good are the ones who are respectful enough to follow the rules. At the very least, stop trying to find loopholes in laws that give them exemption from paying their taxes. These vultures scavenge for the obsessively big money. They’ll pay to have the rules bent for them. And once again, good people become bitter. The wealthy vs. The greedy.

Good welfare programs are in the pocket of the lazy. The Government is in the pocket of the greedy. This is not a conspiracy theory and there are exceptions. But generally speaking this is our big dilemma.

Greed, schemes, and a lack of respect. We are all guilty of these qualities because we are human; but the majority of the economic problems we are currently experiencing, are caused by the ones who have made a life dictated by greed, schemes, and a lack of respect. The result we have to face is that Capitalism and Welfare have become crooked. Too crooked. Almost more crooked than not. No system is perfect but these systems are beginning to slowly turn on us like the family dog, a protector, who is beginning to show signs of Rabies, and looking at us with a crazy-eye. Capitalism and Welfare need more common sense boundaries; more at the bottom and the top. They’ve been increasingly unregulated for too long, and like a game of JENGA, it came-a-tumbling’ down.

Now, that being said…

There is a division with in the middle class. There are those who give a shit and those who don’t. The middle will need to increase their efforts to fix what the vultures on the polar ends of the spectrum fucked up. Is it fair? No. Has anything ever really been fair? Not really. You see, what the middle class needs to be is the Moe in this relationship between 3 stooges. The middle isn’t really that much smarter or ethical than the rich or the poor I speak of, but we at least know when to shut the fuck up and act right most of the time.  The vulture rich and the vulture poor are the Larry and the Curly in this vaudeville show. Nay!  The good old days had the luxury of a Larry and a Curly. Today, we’re dealing with a Shemp and a Joe! A JOE, PEOPLE! It’s time for the middle class to grab the snobbish nose of the corrupt and slap it down to earth. It’s time for the middle class to scissor finger the lazily corrupt in their blind eyes!

But how? ….. To be continued.


Written by The Sundown United

The SUNDOWN UNITED is a multi-faceted project that houses an apparel and accessories brand, and online-magazine(weblogs/articles). All ends of and begins with the Sundown United our trademark, lifestyle, attitude, and personal perspective on Americana art/lifestyle subculture.

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