By Ellen Perez Brantley

I am so excited about our opening of The Bar Method in Winter Park, Florida! All of us have seen major changes in our own muscular structure and physical performance.  Our students that attend our free preliminary classes have enjoyed the same results and can’t stop raving about the changes that they’ve see in their own bodies as well!  This is why we believe in what we teach…the proof is seen, and it’s quite impressive.

In the middle of a cardio obsessed public, The Bar Method chose the contrary!  Pure Barre, Physique 57, Cardio Barre, are among the many types of bar workouts created with an added cardio component to please its public.  Burr Leonard the creator and founder of The Bar Method recently wrote in her blog:

The Bar Method @ Winter Park Orlando, Florida

“We wouldn’t align ourselves with the latest trends in exercise.  Instead we would continue to march to the beat of our own drum and hope the world would change direction and follow us. Specifically, while other emerging bar fitness techniques were aerobicizing their classes, I stuck to making the Bar Method more and more structured and precise. I believed that cardio-style workouts, though they did burn calories, made students excessively hungry and did not build muscle that contributed to weight control over the long term. Hyped up bar workouts also really were not able to address students’ posture and alignment, which I felt were huge body-changing elements. I wanted to give students more than long lean dancer’s muscles but also the posture and grace of dancers. This idea was going to be really hard to sell in an already saturated market infatuated with cardio.”

The Bar Methods technique is simple yet unique.  It creates a long lean muscular body, by aerobically challenging your body through various intense full body movements.  Each movement is super controlled and small to work deep into the muscle.  Without high impact movement, TBM workout raises your heart rate due to the super concentrated isometric moves.  Muscles are targeted from all angles through various moves, thus creating a more complete fat burning machine.  No jumping jacks, no squat jumps or sprints here…yet a pounding heart and a deep intense burning sensation that lingers a couple seconds after the move is complete.  Then, when the muscle is at its max fatigue, it is stretched to promote the elongation of that same muscle.

The Bar Method succeeds at reshaping by rewiring the muscles’ interconnection.  In a Bar Method class, for example, thigh-work and seat work are performed in sequence.  During the thigh section, the seat muscles come alive towards the end of the exercise to intensify the elongating contractions of the thighs. Then during seat-work, the warmed-up, worked out, and now exhausted thighs act as a break against the glutes’ and hamstrings’ contractions.

The results?  Beautiful scissor-like legs that have narrowed when viewed from the front or back!  Who wouldn’t want that?  Not only an esthetically beautiful shaped muscle, but a muscle that can perform when tested.
Just ask Ben Winslow, a TBM enthusiast, and tri-athlete whom has used it to increase his athletic performance.  Not only has his aches and pains gone away, but he has become a better athlete from it.  Whether to perform better look better or feel better…The Bar Method does it all!  Try it, test it, and believe me, you’ll love it!

No matter what sport I’m involved in next or outdoor adventure I choose to plunge myself into, The Bar Method will always be there to prepare me for my next crazy adventure.


Written by The Sundown United

The SUNDOWN UNITED is a multi-faceted project that houses an apparel and accessories brand, and online-magazine(weblogs/articles). All ends of and begins with the Sundown United our trademark, lifestyle, attitude, and personal perspective on Americana art/lifestyle subculture.

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