By Sundown & United 

It’s been a busy year for Sundown United.

We’ve been especially busy in the last two months since we finally got the ball rolling on making cool designer limited tees and really getting out there with the United magazine. We’ve been interviewing people and places that inspire us and drive us. People who are make a big cultural impact in the world of aesthetics and social enterprise. Art that gives us vision and a voice to build sundown united not into the culture but is the culture.

We have always had two mottos “Those Who Endure, Inspire others. They’re A Power Above The Powers” and “We Do Good Down To The Tee” and they will continue to be our launch pad in all we do from here on and into the future as we grow.

We are happy to finally be creating a series of tees to start off with 2012 strong. the 1703 is finally sold and the United Tee will be available in a limited run so when its sold out the united tee might not ever be seen again. But by the end of this week we will have new Sundown United tees ready to go starting Wednesday that you can order online at www.sundownunited.com/shop

We will be pushing new ideas and cool themes to follow our brand at The Sundown United magazine online.

Year O has been hard work and tough to start. I’ve lost some friends, proven ourselves to new fans and have cheer us on, I’ve gain some haters, I meet some amazing artist, conversed with some brilliant minds, and I am grateful for it all. Experience is strength. In the New Year we shall take it all in and grow. What I have learned and what I will take with me on our official first journey into the world of indie lifestyle and social enterprise is that in all I do and all I gain is that I be honest and fair to those who have help us and continue to help us grow stronger.

Ok now I got a lot to show you guys. First up are three illustrations and panels of our new tees coming up I will have actual pictures later as we finish printing them and a lookbook and video promos later in January of 2012.

We teamed up with artist Alexa Dok Smothers, to create them. The cool thing is Dok x Sundown United illustrations will be created into limited cards that you can also purchase the illustrations in card or poster form separately on sundownunited.com in the sketchbook// comic page, later in January. More details to come.

"Fire Inside" Sunfire Lion unisex tee. limited.
"Dark Smoke" Sunfire Lion logo. Girls Tank. Limited. Spring.
"mega-girl" 8bit Sunfire Lion logo(tetris). Girls tee. limited.

Second are pictures of our new home base to print, The Skyline, a family business that has decided to teach us the ropes and really get cracking at producing high quality apparel. We thank them for their help and support, cause of the Skyline family we are going to be able to start 2012 right, producing some rad styles and ideas on cloth. As a small team we got some room, order everything we needed and been crunching numbers and making tees and inspecting each one for perfection. the quality and design will for sure show.

Also here are some pictures of fans that sent us their pics of how much they love their tee. Yes, one of them is Jordan contributing writer of Hale! Down To The Real!

And third I just wanted everyone to know that our Sundown United Holiday Sale Engagement! It will be going on till January 5th. Go to http://www.sundownunited.com/shop. For every United Tee Sold 50% of all proceeds will go to the North and South Texas Food Banks.  I wanted to say thank you to the North Texas Food Bank and the South Texas Food Bank getting the word out and all my friends and everyone at united magazine telling all their friends and family about it.  “We Chase Dreams To Catch Dreams.”


Written by The Sundown United

The SUNDOWN UNITED is a multi-faceted project that houses an apparel and accessories brand, and online-magazine(weblogs/articles). All ends of and begins with the Sundown United our trademark, lifestyle, attitude, and personal perspective on Americana art/lifestyle subculture.

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