By Sundown And The United

What is your position and what do you achieve in your work for Ludus/DWC films to be major player in the film industry?

Antonio@Ludus: Producer / Sound Operator / Music Aficionado

How did all of you meet and find your way here at the Studio? was it an Ad? A friend of a friend? school? A crazy night of drinks and The Worst. Movie. Ever. Moment?

Antonio@Ludus: I met the Ludus through Jeff Adair. A friend I knew who is a DJ kept telling me about cinematographer he had worked a couple of events with and he could help with some of the musicians I had been dealing with. The cinematographer he was telling me about was Jeff Adair who oddly enough is from my same home town (Athens Tx)  and was a friend of my younger brother.  We shared the same visions and concepts for my passion in music and his with film and it grew from there. I was embraced by the close knit family of Dave, Julio, Shane,Josh, Michael & Esme where passion is required with what we do.

What has your environment in Dallas and experience at Ludus Studios done to achieve your goals? 

Antonio@Ludus: This has been a tremendous learning experience in shaping my future. We have so many talented individuals who have no problem sharing knowledge. We strive to learn more and perfect our craft. I’ve been able to achive personal goals aswell as career goals by the environment we have created.

Music motivation?

Antonio@Ludus: Music is my motivation and passion. I enjoying working with talented artist who share the same motivation. I also want to help artist and musicians make their dreams come true through visuals.

Best movie theme music? 

Antonio@Ludus: Prince – Batman official soundtrack or Into The Wild Soundtrack

What’s your genre of film, you can picture yourself getting lost in forever? 

Antonio@Ludus: Documentary

Equipment, what you packing? Your favorite and why and where is the best time to use it? For all those film students that don’t have a clue.

Antonio@Ludus: Traverzo Rig! Everyone that shoots with us uses one.

What does this Studio mean to you?  As you all move forward, what does the future of entertainment in Dallas and the surrounding areas of Texas reveal to you? 

Antonio@Ludus: This studio is my extended family and means the world to me. Together I think we can make an impact in entertainment in Dallas and compete with LA and NY. The sky is truly the limit, as long as the zeal is there.

Chace, a colleague of yours and one of our writing contributors, mention that you guys literally eat sleep work there. How does the living situation create the dynamic there at the studio?

Antonio@Ludus: Honestly, we have a dynamic like no other I have ever experienced. Our chemistry on set is amazing and I think it is due to our living situation. In today’s world most have a “me first” attitude, we have gone against the grain and put together a group of selfless individual….But just between me and you, we are really all a little crazy.


Written by The Sundown United

The SUNDOWN UNITED is a multi-faceted project that houses an apparel and accessories brand, and online-magazine(weblogs/articles). All ends of and begins with the Sundown United our trademark, lifestyle, attitude, and personal perspective on Americana art/lifestyle subculture.

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