By Sundown & The United

What is your position and what do you achieve in your work for Ludus/DWC films to be major player in the film industry?

Jeff@Ludus: I’m the creative Director for Ludus Studios….my job is to think of cool ways for you to remember us by. Tell people what they need to hear. show people what they need to see. I hope Ludus to be one of the premiere studios in the Nation one day. and one way to do that is consistency of good work and forever evolving into more greatness. I’m the Owner/Director of Dream.Work.Conquer.Entertainment, LLC. (DWCFilms) dreamworkconquer.

How did all of you meet and find your way here at the Studio? was it an Ad? A friend of a friend? school? A crazy night of drinks and The Worst. Movie. Ever. Moment? 

Jeff@Ludus: I was working as an editor after college at a [place called mikey b’s(haha) and I met Dave. Dave was my boss. Dave told me I was wasting my time there. I got fired a few weeks later, around the same time; I was working on a short film “No Change”. I had asked Dave to help me out with it, thus inviting Dave into my perception of filmmaking. This project helped me and Dave really get to know each other and he appreciated my passion for film, this relationship bringing me to the Ludus. Thanks Dave!

What has your environment in Dallas and experience at Ludus Studios done to achieve your goals?

Jeff@Ludus: My experience at Ludus for my LIFE & CAREER has been one of the best and the best things that has ever happened to me. Everything NOW will fall into place as long as we stay at it.

Music motivation?

Jeff@Ludus: dubstep, rock, hip hop- shit has to have POP!

Best movie theme music?

Jeff@Ludus: clock work orange. sucker punch. fight club. requiem for a dream

What’s your genre of film, you can picture yourself getting lost in forever? 

Jeff@Ludus: Experimental, abstract, INTENSE, david lychish, darren arronofskyish type stuff. Films that grab you. I want my films to hit you in the face.

Equipment, what you packing? Your favorite and why and where is the best time to use it? For all those film students that don’t have a clue.
5d Mark II. camera is the most rugged tool/camera ive ever shot with….i’ve been able to capture some really beautiful images with it. we are lucky these days. im currently co-signing the T-Rig too all day, waiting for my Signature Model.

What does this Studio mean to you? As you all move forward, what does the future of entertainment in Dallas and the surrounding areas of Texas reveal to you?

Jeff@Ludus: This studio means a lot to me. everything ive ever worked for, is right here. everything that awaits is here. working hard while we wait. i think Dallas & Texas is going to just to continue to grow. people in the film community are starting to call this Dallywood. Lets see if the names catches.

Chace, a colleague of yours and one of our writing contributors, mention that you guys literally eat sleep work there. How does the living situation create the dynamic there at the studio?

Jeff@Ludus: I love it. I never leave it. for the first year and half of the Ludus, I have been an artist at war. iwar against time and how many projects i could fit on my plate. working 24/7 and only napping when I absolutely had to have it. Over the last year and half , I’ve cranked out somewhere between 40-60 projects. my perception and work continues to grow as I do as a person.

Check out more of Jeff’s work and follow him and the team at Dream.Work.Conquer. Films at, on Facebook @ DreamWorkConquer and Twitter @ dwcfilms


Written by The Sundown United

The SUNDOWN UNITED is a multi-faceted project that houses an apparel and accessories brand, and online-magazine(weblogs/articles). All ends of and begins with the Sundown United our trademark, lifestyle, attitude, and personal perspective on Americana art/lifestyle subculture.

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