By Sundown & The United

What is your position and what do you achieve in your work for Ludus/DWC films to be major player in the film industry?

Michael@Ludus: Hi my name is Michael A Traverzo CEO here at Ludisian Legion Entertainment LLC  aka Ludus Studios… High production value is the key component in what we do at Ludus Studios.  We pride ourselves on pre production and getting all that we can ready before shooting.  In my opinion to be major player in the F.I. we have to be on par with communication and technology,  The Film industry in all its illustriousness always calls (as it should) for a higher quality of work; to be the best.  In truth we love the challenge.

How did all of you meet and find your way here at the Studio? was it an Ad? A friend of a friend? school? A crazy night of drinks and The Worst. Movie. Ever. Moment?

Michael@Ludus: It’s a story of fate the way we hear at Ludus came to becoming friends and colleagues.  What is most novel of all things is our passion to be film makers; that being the case we magnetically pulled together.  We started working as a team for the first time when the Ludus started back in 2010… and haven’t stopped yet.

What has your environment in Dallas and experience at Ludus Studios done to achieve your goals?

Michael@Ludus: Dallas is such a great city, living hear five years has been the evolution of many aspects of my life including love.  Dallas host such a vast array of arts, culture and business it truly is a blessing to live in a city so great!  Having all the basic elements of humanity have brought many goals to fruition.

Music motivation? 

Michael@Ludus: My music motivation comes from many angles, being of Puerto Rican decent I love to jam Latin music; however I also get down to Hip Hop, Rock, dub…. I love it all.  Back in the day I was a DJ and rocked many o party, I also have a background in audio engineering.  I decided back when I was 19 to be the best at audio I could possibly be, that way when I get into film making the audio would be a breeze… after all audio can be 75% of a film.

Best movie theme music? 

Michael@Ludus: The theme from Requiem for a dream by Clint Mansell is amazing, but I also love the Star Wars Imperial March Lucas, and Williams so I’ll just leave it at a tie… deal with it.

What’s your genre of film, you can picture yourself getting lost in forever?

Michael@Ludus: EPIC Adventures, and the word “epic” means a lot, perhaps something to get into some other time.

Equipment, what you packing? Your favorite and why and where is the best time to use it? For all those film students that don’t have a clue.

Michael@Ludus: Fave is the Canon 7D for fast low-budget filmmaking.  You get the option of 24-60fps, lens interchangeability and it can all fit in a backpack.  Throw a T-rig or crane under it and wreak some cinematic havoc! By the way the T-rig (Traverzo Rig) is a film making device I developed to hold a camera via shoulder mount, it’s a great tool for any film maker everybody form the Ludus is paken one in ther DP arsanal. My goal is to get it on the market some time in 2012… look out.

What does this Studio mean to you?  As you all move forward, what does the future of entertainment in Dallas and the surrounding areas of Texas reveal to you? 

Michael@Ludus: As one of the Ludus Founders this studio is a dream come true, I remember looking at buildings in downtown Houston, 17 years ago imagining what I would do if I could get in one and build an empire.  Texas is an amazing state with so much to offer, I feel like we have only scratched the surface.  The film industry has a strong pulse here and it’s getting stronger every year.  Having our studio here is a true blessing, We have a great location and the ability’s to travel west or east with ease.  Our studio is a nerve center of creativity, we have developed it to cater to every production need and are constantly adding and changing for the better.

Chace, a colleague of yours and one of our writing contributors, mention that you guys literally eat sleep work there. How does the living situation create the dynamic there at the studio?

Michael@Ludus: It’s a fine balancing act that should only be done by battle ready soles.  We work like a fine tuned machine here with the occasional red alerts, and that just keeps things interesting and adds spice… we all love it!  The living dynamic brings instant communication giving us the platform to just get stuff dun on the fly.  It is very empowering to have your colleges close we can stat production at the flip of a switch… literally!


Written by The Sundown United

The SUNDOWN UNITED is a multi-faceted project that houses an apparel and accessories brand, and online-magazine(weblogs/articles). All ends of and begins with the Sundown United our trademark, lifestyle, attitude, and personal perspective on Americana art/lifestyle subculture.

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