By Sundown and The United

What is your position and what do you achieve in your work for Ludus/DWC films to be major player in the film industry?

Hello, My name is Julio Antonio Alonzo I am one of the principal founders here at the Ludus. I wear many hats here at the studio. I am an Actor, Producer and the General Sales Manager. But I also jump in and help with casting, location scouting, grip, and multiple facets of pre-production. I think to answer the second part of your question ” To be a major player in the film industry” what  I believe what is needed to achieve that goal is PASSION  plain and simple.  Allow me to quote our president Dave French here at the Ludus Studios  “Passion is Required” When you have passion in something you love to do, you are going to give it your all regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the money and regardless of the resources you have – with this passion, you will find a way to do it and do it to the best of your ability. I love what I do. I love being apart of film/music & music video projects. I am inspired by the fact that I’m  with a crew of people that love what they do.  This is what makes us different in the film industry we treat every project from small to large with the same intensity of producing it regardless of the budget allocated for the project.

How did all of you meet and find your way here at the Studio? was it an Ad? A friend of a friend? school? A crazy night of drinks and The Worst. Movie. Ever. Moment?

Well this is how I first was introduced to the Ludus. Michael Traverzo and myself have been good friends since 2003. Michael use to help with audio production of a hip-hop group I use to be in back in the day called Q.U.E.  (Yes, I was once a rapper  lol) Long story short, we were both living in Houston at the time and  I asked him what do you want to do later in life, “He said I want to be a film maker and a director.” I said, that’s crazy because I have always had a passion for film and I stated that I wanted to act and produce film projects too.” So, we always kept that in the back of our minds. Then Michael moved to Dallas prior to me. Then around 2009 I came to the realization I wanted a change and I wanted to follow my dream. I called up Michael and said I am ready let’s do this. Let’s get the ball moving -build and get a crew together. Michael had already met Dave, Jeff, Josh from a previous job where they all worked at and Shane and Jeff went to the Art Institute together and were in the same class. I moved in with Michael and then a year later we possed up and put our monies together and moved into a warehouse in the Dallas, TX Design District now called “Ludus Studios”

What has your environment in Dallas and experience at Ludus Studios done to achieve your goals?

I think the environment has been and still is great. I love the Dallas vibe, there are so many creative artistic minds here. The art community is strong and there are so many great pools of talent to work with. There are  outstanding casting agencies, actors, actresses, models  and other production companies in the city that are making the city more visible in the ream of TV and Film Production as well. I believe that Ludus Studios as a whole… How are we hitting are milestones…? It is by the over all creativity of the individuals that live and work at the studio. All of us are multi- faceted and talented, we all bring a certain dynamic to each project. We come together like Voltron when it’s show time and we really appreciate working together. Also, our resourcefulness and camaraderie is unparrallel. If you were to ask any of the Artist or Actors’, Producers or Writers that we have worked with they will tell you… The Ludus Crew will do whatever it takes to get the shot and we truly treat our clients like family. We appreciate every client we have ever worked with and will continue to do so hence the annual Ludus Studios award ceremony we produce every year. The award show we threw last year was our way of  welcoming our friends, clients. family and our supporters to what we have created. “Hey we appreciate you, Thank you!”  Now’ let’s give a toast, because at the end of the day we are in this together.

Music motivation?

So many – Talib Kweli,  Saigon, Citizen Cope, Jane’s Addiction,  The Smiths, The Pixies, YelaWolf, Sizzla, Dope Ammo… list can go on forever.

Best movie theme music?

New Jack City – Ice T- New Jack Hustler

What’s your genre of film, you can picture yourself getting lost in forever?

Drama’s. I love good drama movies that can bring an emotion that you did not have when you sat down to watch it.

Equipment, what you packing? Your favorite and why and where is the best time to use it? For all those film students that don’t have a clue.

That is a Dave, Shane, Michael,  & Jeff question. lol

What does this Studio mean to you?  As you all move forward, what does the future of entertainment in Dallas and the surrounding areas of Texas reveal to you?

Ludus Studios means to me “Production Quality You Can Trust”

This is just my opinion but I feel that Dallas, TX wil be the next Los Angeles with in the next three to five years or so. There is so much talent  that Dallas and the state of Texas we are starting to seriously get recognized in the film industry as an option for TV, Film and Music Video.  I truly believe that producers from California and New York will start to look at Dallas, TX as a great option for production because the talent, quality of production and the bottom line is the cost of production. Let’s face the fact’s – it’s much less expensive to shoot a film in TX than California or New York.

Chace, a colleague of yours and one of our writing contributors, mention that you guys literally eat sleep work there. How does the living situation create the dynamic there at the studio?

It’s a defiantly an experience that is similar to now other living experience. You could do a reality show on just some of the antics that go around here every day. lol We are a bunch of crazy passionate mofo’s. We love this so much.. We geek out on shoot days, we love hearing each others ideas for projects, we love watching rough edits of each other’s work. We represent the studio and each other like brothers and sisters. Literally,  It’s almost like a fraternity of filmmakers. We love each other that much. If you ever see wrap shots or pictures of us individually you see us throw up a right handed “L” in pictures, to let everyone know how much we love living Ludus.

We all work in the front of the studio and live in loft style apartments that we built ourselves, with our own hands, in the back.  I might be getting a little too person with this but F it”

The thing about the Ludus is that there are no private investors for this studio from it’s inception to now on it’s daily operation. Ludus Studios is a story of a small group of guys and gals that literally came together to do this. We are so independent, that other independent production companies say. “Damn, you guys are really hard core for this business.”  I say hell yea! that’s what it takes when you have this kind of drive for your industry. Takes Team-Work to Make the Dream-Work and we are doing what it takes to make our dream work. Allow me to quote Jeff Adair – “So Julio, I need you to be super human right now.” The experience here is “Super Human”


Written by The Sundown United

The SUNDOWN UNITED is a multi-faceted project that houses an apparel and accessories brand, and online-magazine(weblogs/articles). All ends of and begins with the Sundown United our trademark, lifestyle, attitude, and personal perspective on Americana art/lifestyle subculture.

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