By Sundown United

They will Vilify you when you Hustle (the right) Ideas

Martin Luther King Jr.

The King of Hustle Ideas

Because of ideas we’re able to fight, love, prosper for one another more UNITED than before.

“Those Who Chase Dreams Are the Ones Who Catch Dreams.” It’s what all tell myself every time I get up.

Last year we Launched on MLK weekend. A Coincidence? I thought so at first, since I was just off that day from work to focus on Sundown United, but there is no such thing as a coincidence. (continued below picture…)

Our 1 year anniversary of an idea to write articles/blogs to hype up a tee shirt company that was still in its first stages of conception. We have grown bit by bit throughout the year. We’re grateful for all who has supported us and helped us in 2011. Thank You.

To celebrate, catch the one day SALE on the Sundown: United Tee @

But honestly, just take the time and appreciate what a great country we live and stand for, we still have a long way to go in equality and civic duty, but greatness always takes time.

“Those Who Endure Inspire Others For They Are A Power Above The Powers.” –  a kid called sundown

*here was one of the very first article/blogs we posted.

The Color Of Wisdom. The Good Doctor (politics) introduction. by Omar Chavez


Written by The Sundown United

The SUNDOWN UNITED is a multi-faceted project that houses an apparel and accessories brand, and online-magazine(weblogs/articles). All ends of and begins with the Sundown United our trademark, lifestyle, attitude, and personal perspective on Americana art/lifestyle subculture.

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