By Gina Garcia

The Soldier Thread is an indie pop-rock band from Austin, TX:
Patricia Lynn – Lead vocal/Viola/Keyboard
Todd Abels – Guitar/Keyboard/Backup Vocals
Justin McHugh – Keyboard/Guitar/Backup Vocals
Drew Vandiver – Drums
Chance Gilmore – Bass Guitar

The Soldier Thread formed in 2007 playing at small venues mainly in Austin, TX, and San Antonio, TX.  Patricia Lynn, being a native of San Antonio, makes sure her quintet ensemble receives the praise and love from the state of Texas.

The band has opened up for Alpha Rev and recently toured with Blue October which “The Follow Through,” the last track on Blue October’s latest album release “Any Man in America,” features Patricia Lynn. In addition, The Soldier Thread has been a Showcase Artist for previous SXSW shows, and with their new CD release, there is no doubt that the band will make another appearance at this year’s SXSW.

The Soldier Thread’s earlier work, specifically their album Shapes (from 2007) is ambient, chilling, filled with mesmerizing vocals, and melodic strings.  The band began with a unique, clean, crisp sound which heavily emphasized on vocals and strings.  The songs “Run Run,” “So in Love,” and “Rock N Roll” are some of the band’s best early compositions due to dynamic strings, ambient guitar work, and soft bass lines.

Now The Soldier Thread has moved on towards experimenting with new sounds that are more pop-rock, and have been successful.  The sounds are more up-beat which now tend to highlight keyboards, synths, and drums that compliment Patricia’s vocals. In Spades really defines Patricia’s vocals and uniquely identifies her singing flair by not hiding it behind the sound produced by the viola.  “Without Vowels” is a great catchy, thrilling, and stimulating song that captures that concept.

The Solider Thread Radio @ Last FM

The Bull (EP)” is the latest installment, released January 31, 2012, and continues to expand the sounds found in “In Shapes.”  And, let’s not forget their single released not too long ago, “Matador.”  “Matador” perfectly defines the sound which is The Soldier Thread.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing this band perform from early into their career and their more recent shows, and I’ve never left the show disappointed.  They are all talented individuals.  The band is fun to watch; they really try to make an effort to make the show enjoyable and a memorable experience.  Patricia expresses her love towards her work onstage through interpretive dancing, and encourages the crowd to do the same; of course, it is difficult not to participate when the lights and ambiance of the show are in tune with the music.


Fevers and Fireworks EP (2007)
Shapes (2009)
In Spades (2010)

The Bull EP (2012)

Upcoming (CD Release) Shows:

Austin, TX –Stubbs – 2/11/12
Houston, TX –Scout Bar—2/12/12
Dallas, TX—Prophet Bar—2/18/12

Interested? Well Visit…!/SoldierThread

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