By Sundown & The United

The Fire Rises Design is that of many things. It’s a symbol; an idea to do more.  When you say I WILL, A FIRE RISES. The statement is of passion to be more, to do more and help others fight for more. My Grandma Viola was the first to instill this simple message in me. She was a strong woman of faith and resiliency.

At night, waiting for my mom to get back from working the night shift as a nurse at the local hospital, My Grandmother and I would take small pieces of paper from her floral covered notebook and draw. We would draw the moon or sun with little ponds with ducks swimming, frogs croaking, flowers dancing, and butterflies floating. I would tell her, “I want to go there”. She would smile and always tell me, “place your troubles away and tell yourself you will.” She believed a man or woman could do anything if they place their troubles with God and state that they WILL grow strong. They WILL shine bright when the darkness come. They WILL fight for what they believed in. They WILL be who they are meant to be.The idea is when you WILL it, FIRE RISES, and passion burns bright for all to see. That passion becomes a beacon to all who want to rise as high their flames will take them. The lion is the roar of pride and the fire is the passion of  that will. If you WILL it, FIRE RISES.  So, say you WILL. (continued below…)

As far as your flames will take you!
The Fire Rise tee - sol minded and hand screen in the USA

aLeXa “Dok” Smothers is great friend of mine who help develop this project to fruition. American-born artist, writer, self-guided student, and zealous traveler, Alexa has a passion for just about all things the world has to offer. She wishes to understand and love everyone and everything which yields her a natural curiosity. You can often find her fervently studying subject matters ranging from philosophy, mythology, anthropology, and shamanism to genetics, biology, anatomy, and dabbling in various other sciences.

Me and aLeXa meet a few years back in San Antonio. We Both worked at Starbucks on Bitters and Embassy Row, while going to college in between.  aLeXa and i would get stuck in the drive thru (It was a small hell of frappuccino and strawberry lemonades) but in the quiet parts of the day aLeXa would make me laugh, with her off shoot catchphrases “By The Power of The Mighty Thor!?” and draw me Spider Man illustrations on all over the line up customer’s Starbucks cups (my nickname was Spidey, but i’m more of a Batman fan these days) we stayed good friends and as she has developed into a pretty Rad designer. She help  place together the revamped fire lion for the Fire Rise tee. She did amazing job that allowed The Skyline Print Company & Sundown United Studios get down into the detail of the design. the flames our so detailed with each screen of paint, and i give thanks to aLeXa for getting us to that next level of the process. She rushed to help me meet this deadline while traveling throughout Europe (my friends our amazing) you can catch her rad adventures at her website @

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Models: Avery and Ozzie (continued below…)

The Dok Creating fire
how many lions does it take to build a tee?
hand screened at skyline print co./ sundown united studios in Texas


Written by The Sundown United

The SUNDOWN UNITED is a multi-faceted project that houses an apparel and accessories brand, and online-magazine(weblogs/articles). All ends of and begins with the Sundown United our trademark, lifestyle, attitude, and personal perspective on Americana art/lifestyle subculture.


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