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Kirk Smith a.k.a. C.kirk a.k.a. C.KIRK ART

C.kirk is an urban contemporary painter concentrating on figurative art. For more than a decade, he rambled across the country consuming legendary amounts of booze, drugs, sex, misadventure, and jail food.

In 2005 is when I meet Kirk at Starbucks, I was a freshmen college student staying afloat in D and he was at the tail end of his debauchery and leaning towards sobriety.  I later discovered he was an amazing artist with great stories and didn’t give a fuck about what you said or thought of him and he was never afraid to let you know it too. He created my Sundown Fire Lion sculpture (which i have posted in recent stories).

CKirk in studio. behind him is a new collection of work in progress

In 2005 he sobered up, settled down, married and turned his insatiable appetite toward becoming a successful artist.  During that time he graciously invited me into his studio to work on a project i been working on called SUNDOWN (before the UNITED) and create stencil art of my Sun Fire Lion insignia to paint on to tees, he mentored me on staying focused and to never stop chasing my dreams.

For I was going through a tough time with work and school. I remember the last thing he told me while we stood atop his studio apartment, looking out toward the Dallas skyline. “Brother you need to get your Sh*t together, you need to get hungry. Stop worrying what people think and do what you say you’re going to do. You will be a lot happier.”  Afterwards I left Dallas to finish school at UTSA. After that Kirk started stampeding the Dallas art scene, kirk’s art quickly became a sought after commodity by local collectors, visitors, and those just passing through. (continued below…)

Moreu - Ckirk Collection 2011/2012

Since then, C.Kirk has turned his focus toward a broader global audience. His work has been featured in publications (both in print and online) worldwide. The art of C.Kirk hangs in corporate and private collections across the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.
In regards to CKirk 2012 Collection this is what he had to say.

“Concerning the new work, I wanted to make it as powerful as I could with as little at my disposal as possible, although lately I have been using more oil, spray paint, & pastel. The majority of the paintings and drawings are mostly monochromatic, though untraditional media such as tape, coffee, and pipe tobacco ashes were used for staining and texture. Several dozen drawings were completed with many of them not making the cut into this final presentation. However, I utilized these works in a similar manner as William S. Burrows did in his writing. So despite the drawings not being shown in their entirety…shards of the works did survive. Entire pieces were built from fragments of those pieces as well as other more acceptable drawings and some compositions were merely complimented with a recycled section here or there. This new body of work draws from myth, literature, evolution, anthropomorphism, natural instincts, and the human experience. For me, the new collections are an attempt to simplify life among other things.” – C. Kirk

C. Kirk lives and works in Texas follow him and all his new misadventures @

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(More CKIRK ART Video & Photos continued below…)
Ckirk in studio
ckirk in studio "kafka"
ckirk "human"
ckirk "hell have no fury"
ckirk "halo 2"
ckirk "creeps & futhamuckas"
ckirk "the comitee"

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