Undergrad (art & community): Courtney Miles ”214-808-5569“ Gallery

undergrad life

By Brenton D. Black – Sundown United // Dallas

via Pieces of Blaq

Courtney Miles was the Fairmont Dallas’ Artist in Residence for the second quarter. The entire show was of her as a celebrity.

Egotistical, Self-centered and arrogant!

If you actually had a chance to meet her she’s the EXACT opposite. She’s more kick ass, down to earth and may possibly be a person down to tag unsuspecting buildings at 2am.

“Courtney is the new ‘IT’ girl”

The show had an AMAZING turn out! What was more impressive was the artwork. I don’t know who has actually worked with oil paints, but they are unforgiving and downright evil! Courtney must have nerves of steel, and the patients of a monk. Every piece was flawless. The detail was so realistic it was unreal.

My personal favorite painting had this perfectly painted scarf. There were about 3 shades of each color making the threading of the scarf.. but then there were maybe 5 or 6 colors in the scarf itself! INSANITY!

“Through painting, video, photography, text and installation, I strive to blend “self” with the notion of celebrity to draw attention to the tension between reality and artifice. Playing with a persona based on celebrity, I call attention to the stereotypes that this “scene” reinforces, question its attraction and highlight its self-absorption. Through branding, I emphasize the conflict of self-promotion and privacy in a generation of social networking phenomena.” – Courtney Miles (artist statement via serialoptimist.com)

“214-808-5569” exhibition. Ross – Akard Gallery June 30 thru August 4th 2012

She can be Followed on twitter, instagram  @Quartkneemiles and Neon Courtney  on Facebook – Courtney Miles http://www.neoncourtney.com/ (more photos below) 

Courtney in studio
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Written by The Sundown United

The SUNDOWN UNITED is a multi-faceted project that houses an apparel and accessories brand, and online-magazine(weblogs/articles). All ends of and begins with the Sundown United our trademark, lifestyle, attitude, and personal perspective on Americana art/lifestyle subculture.

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